Saturday, September 08, 2007

Reading Report

Hmmm, what have I read the last week or so? Read Master of Souls, one of Peter Tremayne's Sister Fidelma mysteries. These are set in Medieval Ireland. I think I like Tremayne's short stories better. He's a competent writer but his sleuth never comes to life for me and so spending an entire novel with her is kind of like a long trip with a boring companion. I think he's one of the absolute best at the short mystery, though.
Also read Dean Koontz's Fear Nothing. Sort of like Odd Thomas in that the narrator has a weird physical affliction. This guy has a disease that makes him extremely susceptible to ultraviolet light, so much that he can't go out in sunlight at all and even has to be careful of most artificial lights. Makes for some interesting suspense as he can be menaced merely by staying in a brightly lit room too long. The plot wasn't too thrilling though.
Read a couple of short stories from Steven Saylor's collection The House of the Vestals, featuring his Roman sleuth, Gordianus the Finder. I need to get back to reading Saylor's novels. I used to really enjoy them but kind of lost track. Might go back and re-read them from the start soon.
Other than that, just the usual assortment of non-fiction, comics, and news articles.

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