Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sampson and the Seven Miracles of the World

Well it's not actually Sampson and there are no traces of seven miracles, but who cares? It's Gordon Scott, hero of five Tarzan films, running around in the Orient, trying to rescue a Chinese Princess from evil Tartars. The fun thing about this movie is that since Scott is only a year or two from his last Tarzan film, 1960's Tarzan the Magnificent, and is basically still wearing the same costume, it's easy to imagine this as one of those Tarzan books like Tarzan and the Lost Empire, where Tarzan finds some ancient civilization (Romans, Medieval Knights, etc) still living like their ancestors in the middle of the jungle. In fact, I could re-dub this as Tarzan and the Tartars if I could get some other voice actors.
Scott was the first real body builder to play Tarzan. In fact he was hired for his build rather than his acting ability after being spotted by a talent agent while Scott was working as a Lifeguard. He's probably the strongest actor who ever played Tarzan. There's a scene in Sampson where Scott picks one of the bad guys up by the legs and uses him as a club against three other bad guys. No wires or special effects in those days. Scott just swings the poor stuntman around like a rag doll. Once he finishes using him as a weapon he throws the stuntman away. Yikes. Scott was ex-military and had some martial arts training as well, which shows in the fight scenes.
Anyway, there are some nice sets and a lot of fights in this one, but the plot is nothing great. I'll give it a three out of five Sandals just for almost being a Tarzan movie.

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