Monday, October 01, 2007

Buy Three, Get One Free

I mentioned in the previous post that I had blown the entertainment budget Saturday. Part of that was on two books, neither of which turned out to be any good. I keep trying new writers though because sometimes you score big. Not this time however.
The other part of the fun money went to DVDs at Movie Stop. I rarely rent DVDs anymore. The used ones at Movie Stop are so cheap that I just buy them and then trade them in later for credit if I don't like them. So I was wandering around movie stop and I picked out three films. Watching both of Kevin Smith's Clerks movies last week made me want to rewatch a couple of his other films. I wanted Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but they didn't have that one. They did have Dogma, however so I got that. While I was in the Comedy section I spotted Casino Royal, the 1960s spy spoof, not the new James Bond film. I decided I'd like to watch that so that became my second purchase. Wandering over to the Action section, I came across a used copy of Beastmaster. I'd been meaning to pick that one up, since I consider it to be one of the better sword & sorcery movies ever made. Now keep in mind, that's based on not having seen it for about a decade, so I reserve the right to change my review after I've had a chance to watch it again.
I figured that was about all the money I needed to spend, so I took my choices up to the counter. The kid at the cash register said, "We're having a buy three and get one free sale. You should pick out another movie."
I said, "Really? Didn't see a sign out front."
He looked around. "Hey Ben! Go hang up the sale sign!"
It was a very 'Clerks' kind of moment as I went back into the aisles and the employees wrestled a Sale sign into place over the front door. My final choice. Alexander, the Oliver stone movie about Alexander the Great. Almost everyone I know says it's terrible, but hey it was free, and it has both Rosario Dawson and Angelina Jolie in it. That should, at least, hold my attention for a bit.

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Jeri said...

Well... I liked it. I think Gabriele liked it, too (from what she posted on my blog). If all else fails, just fast-forward to the scenes with Angelina and Rosario. They're definitely worth their... wait, you didn't pay any money for this movie, right? Nevermind. ;)