Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Last week the 'S' pipe in my bathroom sink sprung a leak. This isn't much of a problem since if you don't use the sink, there's no water to leak out. Not like a burst pipe or anything. A quick examination showed that the inner seal was blown. I have to wonder how that happened since that usually requires some pressure and I haven't applied any. The apartment complex frequently turns the water off to fix thing so it's possible that the air and water pressure of returning water caused the blow out.
Anyway, I didn't call maintenance last week because I still had the cats and I was afraid the maintenance guy would leave the door open and one or both cats would get out and get lost. No bathroom sink is no big deal. I'm a guy. I shave in the shower and I can brush my teeth in the kitchen for a few days. However, Bruce and Amelia have gone home now, so Monday I called the office at 9:00 and reported the pipe issue.
Got home Monday afternoon and the sink wasn't fixed. Didn't think much of it. Only been one day, after all. Got home yesterday and the sink still wasn't fixed. I had to stop by the office and drop off my rent check so I mentioned it to one of the office girls, just to make sure that the complaint hadn't been lost. She brought it up on the computer and said, "Well you only reported this yesterday."
I said, "Yes, at 9:00."
"This says it was entered at 11:15," she said, a trifle defensively.
"I can't help what time your employee entered the call. I called at 9:00 which is when you open. It's five o'clock now, so that means two full business days have passed since I called. Just pointing that out."
"Oh, well, um...three of our maintenance guys are on vacation."
"Sure, just wanted to make sure the report hadn't been lost."
"No, no, Someone will probably get to it tomorrow."
"That will be fine...." I read her name tag, "Nancy."
Always get their name. Makes em nervous.
Thing is, I could actually fix it myself pretty easily and as I've pointed out, I don't really care that much about the sink. But since they bumped my rent up by 50 bucks a month this year, I want them to come out and do something for that extra money. I've only called maintenance one other time in the two and a half years I've lived in that apartment. Also, I'd rather they didn't wait until Friday when I'm off and fix it then, which, knowing my luck, is probably what will happen.


Jeri said...

Has anyone fixed the thing by now?

Charles R. Rutledge said...

heh, Yes they fixed it Wednesday. Thanks for asking.