Friday, October 12, 2007

The Elves of Cintra

Just finished up the Elves of Cintra and I liked it even better than Armageddon's Children. This one is pretty much action from cover to cover as the various heroes get rolling on their individual quests. Demons. Mutants. Zombies. Rogue Knights of the Word. Firefights. Love. Honor. Friendship. Romance. Magic. All this and Elves too.
It helps, I suppose, to have been able to read two of the books in the trilogy back to back, as they are both part of one large story. The unfortunate thing here is, that book two only came out last month, so it will probably be next September before I see book three. Oh well. I could always go back and read the other two Knight of the Word books or one of the other Shannara trilogies, though I'm unlikely to enjoy them as much as the current series. Sure glad I picked it up on a whim. The next sentence could be construed a spoiler so if you're going to read the book, skip this.
POSSIBLE SPOILER. One sub plot of Elves of Cintra is a carefully constructed mystery about the identity of one of the villains, but being an old hand at whodunits I saw through it in a matter of seconds. Very Agatha Christie. It was okay though. Didn't hurt my enjoyment of the book. END OF POSSIBLE SPOILER.


francisco said...

which is exactly the title of this trilogy? Genesis of Shannara or Knights of the Word?

Charles R. Rutledge said...

It was Genesis of Shannara Francisco.