Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Stuff

At least it's a very Halloween-ish kind of morning out there, with a cold stiff wind sending high, gray clouds across a gibbous moon, and dry leaves skittering across the pavement like spiders seeking prey. And speaking of the fast-approaching All Hallow's Eve, I managed to dig up a few more Ramsey Campbell horror stories to read without dipping into the other volumes of Swords Against Darkness.
One of advantages to having a fairly extensive book collection is that often, when I become interested in an author I had formally paid little attention to, I can usually find some of his work within anthologies I already own. Karl Edward Wagner was probably the best example, because when his character Kane was brought to my attention by a story in a volume of Elric pastiches, I was able to find five Kane short stories in various anthologies on my shelves. That held me over until I could get copies of his other Kane novels and shorts.
So as soon as I decided to read some more Campbell, I dug through the horror and H.P. Lovecraft related anthologies I own and turned up three Campbell short stories. Read them all over the weekend and enjoyed them. Internet research shows that the collection 'Alone With the Horrors' is considered to be the best book of Campbell's short fiction, so I need to get a copy of that.
Let's see, what other Halloween stuff have I got going? I watched Scooby Doo II: Monsters Unleashed yesterday. Goofy, but I rather enjoyed it. I had picked up a DVD of both Scooby Doo movies a while back, but only watched the first one. I think the first one was a better movie, but I liked the second one more because it featured more of the monsters I remember from when I was a kid. The original series came out when I was in first grade and I was a huge fan. I've always liked mysteries and monsters apparently.
Oh, and I'm listening to H.P. Lovecraft on CD on my commute. I have a nice audio book of two of his best, The Dunwich Horror and The Call of Cthulhu. Since Halloween falls on Wednesday this year, I won't be home to watch creepy movies and stuff. I'll be out with the Dr. No's gang for my usual Wednesday Mexican dinner. So I have to get any more Halloween stuff in over the next two days.

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