Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Java Jive

Well, so far Operation Make My Own Coffee has gone off without a hitch. I picked up a nifty travel mug/thermos at Starbucks and every morning I brew some coffee and fill the mug and off I go. Not stopping at Dunkin Donuts every day has cut about ten minutes off of my morning commute so I've had to readjust my time somewhat. Can't leave as early as I did because the building where I work won't be open yet. So I have an extra ten minutes at home. Guess I could sleep a little longer if I actually slept but I'm wide awake by that time, so instead it gives me a little more time to answer emails, check message boards, etc. If I ever get another novel up and running I may start writing every morning before I go to work. I generally do my best work in the mornings so it would make sense. Anyway, I hope the owners of Dunkin Donuts have learned an important lesson from all this. Bad service = departing customers.
Others, more frugal than I, have noted that I'm saving a ridiculous amount of money too, since the extra large coffee was two bucks a shot, so that's ten bucks a week. Ten bucks will buy a whole lot of coffee by the pound. That also means that Dunkin Donuts lost five hundred and twenty bucks a year. More than that, really, since I often bought donuts for the office just because I was at DD anyway.

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Beth said...

And all that money you save with cooking at home, too. Woo hoo!