Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Black Shape

Ah, the adventures of having a vivid imagination. Driving in to work this morning under a layer of dark clouds that scudded over a gibbous moon, I was jolted out of my morning reverie by seeing the car in front of me suddenly swerving to one side. Figuring there was some object in the road, I slowed down and got ready to dodge whatever obstruction presented itself. Turns out there was some...thing standing in the road. It was a massive black shape that didn't pick up any highlights from my low beams, almost as if it was a shadow rather than a solid thing. It lumbered out of the road as I got closer, blending into the pines that line the sides of the shadowy access road. Don't know if it was a bear or a really really big dog, but it was darned spooky out there in the scant moonlight. There's a story there somewhere...

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