Saturday, November 17, 2007

But if You Try Sometime, You Just Might Find

I swung by Doctor No's today to pick up some books I'd ordered through Amazon. (I have all my packages sent to Cliff's store because my local mail person kept losing packages sent to my apartment.) Anyway, I was hoping for my Ramsey Campbell collection, but of course of the three books I'd ordered, that's the one that didn't show.
I was talking to Cliff about it, and I said. "You don't have any books by Ramsey Campbell here do you?" Over the years, various SF, Fantasy, and Horror books have accumulated at the store. Dr. No's is primarily a Comic Book and Gaming shop but Cliff also stocks some books that are related to those industries, and sometimes he just stocks things he likes and thinks you should like too. He has a fairly extensive group of books by and about H.P. Lovecraft and Campbell falls into that circle so I thought I'd ask.
"Hmm," said Cliff. "I might."
We walked over to the area where the books are displayed and right near the top was a copy, not of the book I'm waiting on, but of a Campbell book that was next on my list to order, Alone With the Horrors, which is supposed to be the best collection of Campbell's horror shorts.
"Hey, that's just the book I wanted!" I said.
Cliff chuckled because he's always happy when he has things people want, and it really was kind of funny that the very book I needed was the one that was sitting on the shelf. Cliff referenced a Stephen King story about the little store that had a very small stock of things but the one thing it always had was the one thing you needed the most.
I thought back to my pal Chris's theory that I actually control reality, but only when I'm not trying. For years it seemed that whenever I wanted something to happen, it did, but only if I just sort of mentioned it in passing. Like I'd say, "Gee I wish someone would reprint Gil Kane's Black Mark stories in one volume, and a month later, that book would appear. But it only works if I'm not trying. Like right now, if I suddenly wish I would receive a million dollars, it won't happen because I am consciously trying to use the power. It must be a completely innocent idea. Of course Chris also thinks that I have the psychic ability to kill aging movie stars, but that's another story...

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