Friday, November 09, 2007

The Doctor is In

I picked up the third season of the new Doctor Who on DVD yesterday. Truth to tell I was a little concerned that I might not like it as much as the previous two seasons because of the departure of Billie Piper, who played the Doctor's traveling companion Rose Tyler. Over two seasons Rose and the Doctor had developed a relationship and a rapport that was going to be very hard to replace.
I needn't have worried. The Doctor's new companion Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman is a worthy successor to the formidable Rose. She and co-star David Tenant (The Doctor) have a very winning chemistry.
As for the rest of the show, the three episodes I've watched so far have been top notch. The writing just zips the shows along at a breakneck pace and the dialog is wittier than ever. The second episode, where the Doctor and Martha team up with William Shakespeare to fight a trio of witches was just a tremendous amount of fun. I'm hoping for more time travel oriented episodes. The aliens and monsters are great, but I like to see the Doctor dashing about in Earth's history whenever possible.
I see from the episode guide included in the DVD box set that the Doctor's old enemy The Master will return in one of the later episodes of the series. The Master is a renegade Time Lord, the Doctor's opposite number in every way, as dedicated to evil and self gain as the Doctor is to Justice and self sacrifice. This will be his first appearance in the new series. Almost makes me want to skip ahead to the end, but that would be cheating. The writers of the series go to amazing lengths to have their character and story arcs build gradually over the series so it would be a shame to mess that up. Anyway, great to have a new series of Doctor Who to watch, I'll do my best to keep to one episode a day, but no promises. This is just too much fun.


Lanny said...

The episode that was on Sci Fi last night was as engaging and poignant piece of television as I have ever seen.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Yeah, the writing is just phenomenal. Glad you're watching it.