Monday, November 19, 2007

The Doctor is Out

Well I'm all out of Doctor Who, or at least the regular episodes of season 3. I still have the Christmas special to watch. Season three held up to my expectations and was probably the best written season so far. I won't summarize any episodes but I will mention that the final three-part season ender is amazingly ambitious in terms of scope. It's almost a feature film in of itself. The series ends with an emotional cliff hanger rather than a physical one, which is fitting because the relationships between the various characters continue to be the focus of the show amidst all the monsters and the mayhem. Anyway, now I have to wait a year to watch Season four. Either that or get BBC America or the sci fi channel. I'll probably just wait and get the DVDs. I like being able to watch the whole season in short order.

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Bentochan said...

Don't worry, I've got the BBCA hook up at my house, and I'm probably going to be getting the episodes off the internet anyway. I mean, Torchwood *only* starts for my Birthday (YAY!) if I live in the UK. Or the internet.