Monday, November 19, 2007

The Doctors Are In

There's a nice little postscript to Doctor Who Season 3 wandering around Youtube. In this short vignette, filmed as part of the UK's Children in Need fund raiser, David Tennant, the current Doctor is visited inside his Tardis by Peter Davidson, the fifth actor to play the Doctor. It's a clever little story where the two Doctors have to solve a small crisis and get to antagonize each other. There's a nice bit where the current Doctor gets to tell his former self that "I loved being you. You were MY Doctor."
This is nice because Peter Davidson was the Doctor when Tennant was eleven years old and watching Doctor Who on the BBC. Davidson was Tennent's first Doctor. Coincidentally enough, Davidson was MY first Doctor as well. The first episode of the series I ever saw was Castrovalva, which was shown on my local PBS station. It was the first full episode to feature Davidson as the Doctor, following Tom Baker's long run on the series. I watched Davidson's entire run before ever seeing an episode with Baker, John Pertwee or anyone else, so he remains the Doctor to me. Almost a quarter of a century since he was on the show, he still looks about the same in his costume. A little older. A little heavier. But still the Doctor. Still MY Doctor.


Bentochan said...

Was he? I heard Tom Baker was his first.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

In the 'making of' segment for the special, he says Davidson was his Doctor, but it's possible that was mostly for publicity purposes.