Thursday, November 29, 2007

Head Cold

Well, my traditional Holiday cold has come a little early this year. I've been feeling a little run down the last couple of days and my throat has been somewhat scratchy. Last night when I was out to dinner with the gang, my throat gradually became worse as we were talking. This morning I woke up sweating and had to throw my covers off and my throat has become very raw. Since I am apparently feverish and I'm more or less caught up at work, I will stay home today and not share my germs. Sitting here, typing this I can feel that I'm definitely warmer than I should be. Hopefully this will blow over quickly. Bleh.


Jeri said...

Hope you feel better soon! It seems to be the season for it - I just came down with a spectacular cold, myself, and Erica also complains about overdosing on chicken soup and lozenges - oh, well.

Ask your friend to bring the cats to keep you company! ;)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks, Jeri. I hope to get over this before the weekend is out. Hope you recover quickly too.

As it turns out, I'll have Bruce and Amelia for the Christmas Holidays. They'll be with me from the 21st of Dec until the 2nd of January, which is coincidentally, the same time I'll be off from work. Bruce will be thrilled because he'll have me around most of the time to attack and sleep on. Amelia will probably be less thrilled. heh.