Friday, November 30, 2007

My head is less stopped up this morning, and I don't seem to be feverish, but I my throat is still sore and I have almost completely lost my voice, and when I can speak I sound like a troll at the bottom of a well. I have a deep voice anyway, and it only takes a little bit of a sore throat to make me sound like Vin Diesel on a bad day.
Anyway, I'm going to work this morning just in case any emergency drafting stuff has come up, but it's only a four hour day and after that it's back home to rest up. One thing I have learned is to just sit still when I'm sick. All the cold medicine in the world won't help unless I shift into low gear and just let my body heal itself up. At least it's the weekend. I read a couple of interesting things yesterday while I was home. Perhaps I'll blog about that later today.

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