Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Report

The weekend was fairly calm. I met Trish for lunch Saturday at El Rodeo, the same Mexican restaurant where I have dinner with the Doctor No's gang every Wednesday, so it was a double Mex week for me. After lunch I stopped by the store and chatted with Buck, Whitney, and Julie for a bit. That was pretty much the extent of my social activity for the weekend.
Sunday I read some more short stories and actually did some writing. I wrote about half of a new short story and tinkered with a couple of other works in progress. As a result I felt much better this morning than I often do on Mondays. I find I don't hate Mondays quite as badly if I feel that I accomplished something constructive over the weekend. And if I did some writing I was actually pleased with, well that's the best.
I also ordered some used books from Amazon. A collection of Ramsey Campbell's short stories and the first volumes in two sword & sorcery series that I wasn't familiar with. I don't have high hopes for either, but you never know.
Beyond that I did the usual web surfing and emailing folks and such. Just a standard weekend in Kennesaw, really.
Oh and I watched some more Doctor Who of course. This season isn't going to last long I can tell...

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