Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Year of Blogging

I just realized that this blog is a year old now. Actually a year and two days since I first posted on November 1st, 2006. So I've been at this for a whole year. Reading my first post, this is the line that I find the funniest.

"So why no blog? Well primarily because I didn't think I'd update it enough to make it worth the time to create one, and that may yet prove true."

As it turns out, my prolificness of posting has become something of a running joke amongst my friends. This is my 359th post in the 367 days the blog has existed, so while I haven't averaged a post a day, I've come darn close.
Reading back over the posts I have noticed a couple of things. I read a lot. I know a lot about a lot of weird subjects. I am obsessed with Robert E. Howard.
On a more important note, I accomplished a lot during this year of posting. I lost 50 pounds. I got out of debt. I got a complete collection of Savage Sword of Conan. I learned to cook. I put some old demons to rest. As the end of the year draws close, I can actually look back and be pretty pleased with what I've accomplished.
Oh, and I posted a lot.

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Gabriele C. said...

Happy Bloggiversary. May the be a lot more posts ahead. :)

And congrats on your achievements.