Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Postscript

Well as it turned out, I spent most of Christmas watching Doctor Who and reading Savage Sword of Conan. Originally Dark Horse Comics was supposed to have the first volume of their Savage Sword reprint series out last week, but they dropped the ball. I'd been looking forward to having the stories easily accessible, but since that didn't happen, I pulled out the first five issues of Savage tales and the first ten of Savage Sword and read my way through them. Also read two Dell Tarzan comics that arrived in the mail on Monday.
As far as the Doctor goes, I had watched the Christmas episode from the first season of the new series on Christmas eve. One final adventure with the ninth Doctor and Rose. It involved Charles Dickens and zombies. Always a winning combination. I'd also re-watched the Christmas Invasion from season two, which was David Tenant's first adventure as the Doctor. It finished up with a sword fight high over London. My kind of show.
Yesterday I watched The Runaway bride, which was the Christmas special from the third season. Got to see something I never thought I'd see. The Tardis involved in a car chase on a busy freeway. Then, still in the mood for more of the Doctor, I watched the two part episode from season one where the Doctor and Rose first meet Whitney's pal, Captain Jack Harkness. Lots of fun. So it wasn't a traditional Christmas, but it was a fun one.

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