Monday, December 17, 2007

Hogfather Part II

I just finished watching part two of Hogfather. This is, without a doubt, the best Christmas movie I've seen in ages. It's just really really keen. I'll be watching this every year now. It's got all the things you want in a Christmas special. Family, friends, heroism, selflessness. And it has monsters and magic and last minute rescues. Now that's a Christmas special.
Oh and it has Death. I have a special fondness for Death as a character because long before I had read Terry Pratchett's books and seen HIS Death, I had been the grim reaper myself over at a friend's text RPG board. One day, just to be silly, I had Death come walking into the standard D&D style tavern where most of the adventures began, take a seat at the bar, and order root beer and some pistachios. I meant it as a joke, but people liked the character and so for several years I was Death. He would show up and do something zany, then run off to collect the souls from a border war or something. I even escorted the souls of characters who were killed to the afterlife if they PMed me and requested it. Later I came across Discworld and found that someone had beaten me to the punch. But still my Death was sufficiently different that I didn't feel too bad. I enjoyed seeing Pratchett's version on the screen though, because that's pretty much how I always figured mine would look if he were walking around. Hey, it's a skeleton in a robe. Duh.

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