Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Paper Procrastination

Well as usual, I bought all my Christmas presents (except an extra one I picked up yesterday) early but have yet to wrap any of them. I have to hand out the first few this evening, so I guess I'll have to knuckle down and do some wrapping. I don't know why I always put wrapping off to the last minute. I don't really mind doing it and I'm fairly good at it. Somehow though, I always seem to be wrapping things just a couple of hours before they're unwrapped. I haven't even bought any paper yet. Guess I'll stop by a drugstore on the way home and pick up some paper and some tags.
Now, will I wrap everything while I'm at it tonight? Probably not. Just the stuff I need for tonight. And I'll probably wrap the stuff I need for Christmas eve on Christmas eve, and the stuff for Christmas morning on Christmas morning...

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