Friday, December 28, 2007

Pizza Dreams

I read an article a while back where some authority on dreaming (and I'm not really sure how you get to be an authority on dreaming) said that what you eat doesn't have any effect on your dreams. I'm going to have to sort of disagree, because whenever I eat pizza, especially if I eat too much of it, I have stranger dreams than usual, and if you know how my dreams are, then you know that's saying something. I had one too many slices of a Mellow Mushroom pepperoni and mushroom pizza last night and I spent all night fighting every manner of ghoul and goblin and long leggedy beastie that could work its way into my subconscious. At one point I was climbing a spiral staircase with some folks I can't remember now, and I remember thinking, this is a really bad idea. See, one thing I have learned in a lifetime of nightmares is you never go upstairs. The basement is a bad idea too, but upstairs is right out. Monsters always seem to live upstairs in houses, museums, libraries, and especially churches. So of course as we reach the upper floor this tall, emaciated, bloody, headless, corpse thing comes staggering out of a doorway, proving me right, yet again.
Of course, being me, I ducked low, grabbed the thing around the knees and lifted, pitching it over my back so that it fell into the stairwell and went bouncing down the stairs. Remember kids, fast reflexes are the key to successful monster fighting. It wasn't alone though and things got worse. They always do in my dreams. Anyway, it went on like that most of the night. So expert opinions aside, I think what you eat can cause strange dreams. For some it's Welsh Rarebit, and for some it's pizza, but it still makes for restless nights.


christine said...

Um, weird story. I'm googling "pizza dreams" to try and find an image to go with my blog post about MY ridiculous dreams I believe to be induced by eating pizza for dinner. This blog came up. Haha.

mike said...

yea, from too much pizza, my work overlords became scarry dreams, and increasingly so every time i woke up.