Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Small Taste of London

Went to the mail today and found a package from my pal Lanny, who lives in the wilds of Texas, and who is one of the original members of the Doctor No's gang. Now that he lives out west we rarely get to see him. I opened up the package to find three Galaxy Bars. The Galaxy bar is a milk chocolate candy bar that I discovered on my first trip to London England back in 1996. It quickly became a favorite of mine and I always made a point of buying a big bunch of them whenever I was in the UK. They can be a little hard to get on this side of the pond.
A few weeks back Lanny called me from a British specialty grocery store he'd discovered in Texas and asked if there was any particular British food I wanted. I said, Galaxy Bars! of course.
Today they arrived wrapped in Christmas paper inside a Priority Mailer. Made my day. I sat right down and unwrapped one of them and ate it slowly. The taste took me right back to London, my favorite city, and to a lot of good memories. And it was doubly good because I was able to enjoy the candy thanks to the thoughtfulness of my friend. So thanks, Lanny, and Merry Christmas. You're a pal.

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