Sunday, December 09, 2007

Trish and I were talking the other night and she put forth the theory that the reason I've been feeling restless and unfocused lately is that I've reached all my goals. I went into to 2007 ready to get some stuff done and pursued those goals with my usual single mindedness. Now the goals have been reached, and I haven't come up with any new ones.
"So what's the next big adventure for you?" Trish asked.
Truthfully I don't know. I've been considering going to tech school to get full Autodesk certification. That's kind of like the holy grail for AutoCad users. Full certification with Autodesk opens all kinds of doors on the job market. Not that I really want to go and get another job right now, but I'd like to have the skills. Plus, I'm thinking down the line I'd like to perhaps become an AutoCad instructor and I'll need the certification for that.
I've also been trying to think of some trips I could take next year and I have an idea or two. All my travel plans for 2007 didn't work out, and I haven't taken a real, honest to gosh vacation in about six years now. Just a few short trips.
Anyway, I'm apparently in an introspective mood this morning as the new year approaches. Just wondering what to do and where to go next...

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