Monday, December 31, 2007

Two Thumbs Up

Watched a couple of movies over the weekend that I'd been meaning to get around to. Live Free or Die Had and The Simpsons Movie. I enjoyed them both.
The fourth Die Hard movie was a huge improvement on the third, which I found rather ponderous for an action movie. This one is probably closest in spirit to the first film, at least as far as Bruce Willis's portrayal of NYPD cop, John MacLaine. The wisecracks and the 'take no crap' attitude is firmly in place. The years between the first film and this one have given Willis a sort of world weary look that really works here.
Oh sure, there are a couple of physics and logic defying moments, but as a slam bang action movie, this one really delivers.
I found the Simpsons movie to be a lot of fun, but ultimately not much different from an episode of the regular series. The story really isn't any more far fetched or bigger than many existing TV episodes. The makers did make use of a bigger budget for more impressive animation effects, giving the objects more depth and having a few more ambitious animated set pieces, but overall it wasn't hugely different from the show. Guess that was to be expected after all the years the Simpsons has been on the air. Not a lot that you could really change without conflicting with the established series.

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