Friday, January 04, 2008

Car Trouble

Or more precisely, Truck trouble. My truck is six years old, so it's begun to have a few problems. (And of course cars know when they're paid for they should begin to malfunction.) Anyway, I'm taking it to the shop today to have it looked at, which is always annoying, particularly since my mechanic is in Canton where I used to live, so I have to take it up there and leave it.
However, I must say that one of the nice things about being debt free and having money in the bank is that a car malfunction is no longer a source of panic. I can pay to have it fixed, and if worse came to worse, I can afford a car payment again, though I really don't want one. So hopefully things can be patched up and I can get another year or two out of the truck. Not the way i wanted to begin my weekend, but there ya go.

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