Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's a Maxfield Parrish sky out there this morning, the clouds infused with that glow of rose and gold that appears in so many of his paintings. I'm in more of an Albrecht Durer mood, but we'll let that pass. Still a beautiful sunrise.
I've been out to breakfast and done a little grocery shopping. Usually I shop at a Publix close to work, but I didn't go Friday, so I went this morning to the Publix in my own neighborhood. I don't like it much because it's a bit trendy and attracts the yuppie crowd who are just irritating to watch, and also because everything is backwards from my usual store, which makes it seem as if I'm shopping in an alternate dimension. However at 7:00 am on A Sunday, the only other customer in the entire store is another middle aged guy who can't sleep. Anyway, it's morning and I need more coffee...

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