Sunday, January 06, 2008

My pal Cliff recently upgraded his collection of James Bond DVDs and he gave his previous set to me. While not as big fan of the series as Cliff and Chris Appel, I have always liked James Bond and up until Pierce Brosnan took over the role, I'd seen all the films in the theater. Well, almost all of them. You see, as I was reminded by a documentary on the making of Dr. No, the first bond film, principle photography on the movie commenced shooting on February 2nd, 1962, three days before I was born. I have some memory of seeing part of a Bond movie at Howell's Drive-In in Canton when I was very young. I think it was Goldfinger, though it could have been Thunderball.
Anyway, my original intention was just to watch the DVD extras on the early films, since I'd watched them countless times on TV growing up, but I was so taken with the documentary footage that I've decided instead to have a chronological viewing of the Bond movies. I didn't have time to watch Dr. No today but I'll be watching it soon. I don't know that I've ever seen it sans commercials.

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