Sunday, January 06, 2008

Shoot Em Up

This movie isn't anywhere near as cool as it thinks it is or as it wants to be. That said, it's a lot of fun in a mindless action movie sort of way, and there really are a lot of guns. Clive Owen plays a man with no name who gets pulled into a battle with an army of gunmen when he attempts to rescue a pregnant woman from some bad guys. I say attempts, because the mom doesn't make it. The baby does, however, delivered during the initial gunfight. (Yeah, I'm not kidding)
The main bad guy is played by Paul Giamatti, a really good actor who's woefully underused here. In fact, so is Clive Owen. Giamatti plays slimy and Owen plays tough and that's about the range for the film. Oh, and Monica Bellucci plays sexy as the hooker with a heart of gold. Wait a minute...this really is a spaghetti western. No wonder the lead has no name.
Anyway, if you enjoy John Woo movies, (and I do) you'll probably like Shoot Em Up. This one is rated R for language, violence, and sexual situations. There's some partial nudity and a lot of blood, so not one for the kids.

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