Thursday, January 17, 2008


The last couple of days, the weather men had been predicting an ice storm or at least some sleet, with some snow in the North Georgia mountains. When the 'winter event' finally arrived though, it was all snow. Fell for about five hours yesterday in my area, fairly steadily. I got home from work shortly before it started. By 5:30 or so, big, heavy flakes were falling, obscuring the world in a glowing white fog.
Made for an interesting ride to Doctor No's once night had fallen. The roads held about an inch of slippery slush and the snow was still falling hard, driving into my windshield (looking rather like a hyper-space jump, as Brett pointed out.) as I made my way down Chastain road amidst the late evening commuter traffic. Pretty hairy trip.
The snow continued for another couple of hours but was changing over to rain by the time the crew left dinner. (We left a little early since we were the only customers left and we could tell the owners wanted to close and go home.)
The drive home, while still a little slippery, was much less tense than the ride over. There was maybe an inch and a half of snow on most of the grassy surfaces. The most I've seen accumulated in quite some time.
Most of the snow is gone this morning since temperatures hung around 34 all night and the rain fell steadily. No dangers for the ride in to work this morning. I was hoping for a snow day, but there ya go. I still got the best part, which is watching the snow fall. I never get tired of that.

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lk said...

Nice! I always approve of snow.