Wednesday, February 13, 2008

As Seen On TV

As some of you may recall, I quit my gym membership at Golds and moved my weightlifting home. That's worked out pretty well so far. I also abandoned barbell bench pressing in favor of lots and lots of pushups, because current views are that the pushups build more useful muscle. I mean how many times in real life are you lying on your back pressing 300 pounds off your chest?
Anyway, several weeks back I was reading an article in Men's Health magazine about The Perfect Pushup handles. These are two discs with bearings inside and handles on top. You use them like old fashion pushup handles except these rotate as you press up or down, relieving the stress on your wrists and elbows. The makers of the system also claim that the handles force you to keep proper form and isolate your muscle groups better than regular pushups. Always interested in new workout routines, I wondered how the handles would work.
Later I was talking to Cliff about the Perfect Pushup and he said that he'd seen them advertised on TV and was also curious about them. I didn't realize there were infomercials out about them until he told me about it. (Remember, I haven't had cable TV in more than 3 years now.)
So one day I walked into Wal-Mart looking for a paperback and I spotted a huge display of the Perfect Pushup handles. They were only $19.95, and they sold on TV for $39.95, so I thought, Hmmm, this is my chance to try these things. So I bought a set.
I gave them a try when I got home just to see if they really made pushups much more difficult as the ads claimed, and the answer was yes. I could only do about half as many pushups at one time as normal. And it really did make me use better form. However I couldn't start the official Perfect Pushup 21 day routine because I wasn't finished with my current routine, so I put the handles aside until last weekend. Friday, I decided to give the Perfect Pushups a real test drive.
I've done three workouts so far, not enough to tell if the handles really do what the makers claim, but I can tell they're doing something. I have pain in my triceps much like I would from a normal triceps workout, and some soreness in my pectorals. So there's some muscle building going on there. The routine gets harder in the second week, so I should know more then. I'll keep you posted.

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