Friday, February 22, 2008

Computer Report

Well I finally was able to sit down last night and actually interact with my new computer. You know, look at all the programs and settings and the like. See what kind of stuff works differently from the previous version of windows. Something I found sort of interesting is that Windows, the great imitator who made Internet Explorer as much like rival Firefox as they could and whose new Vista interface seems designed to look as much like a Mac system as possible, has now added some things to Microsoft Works that make it as much like Open Office as possible. They still don't give you Microsoft Word with Works anymore, but they have added a word processor that's amazingly like Open Office Writer. I wasn't fooled. I downloaded Open Office and went right back to using Writer.
So far the thing that's the most fun is simply the way everything looks on the screen. Between the super duper giant monitor and the amped up graphics card, it's absolutely amazing. I brought some of my favorite desktop art over from my old machine and the images are so much brighter and sharper that it's almost like I'm looking at new pictures. Can see all the brushstrokes and such.
The other cool thing of course is the speed at which things load. I finally have a system that can keep up with my high speed internet access. I'm hoping that bodes well for the online games I like to play. I plan to load Lord of the Rings Online this weekend and see how that goes. Did I mention the computer even came with a copy of LotR? How cool is that?
Next thing I may look into is a drawing program of some sort and a scanner. I've been thinking I'd like to do more art on the PC and perhaps even some animation.
Anyway, the report on the new PC is good so far. I'll give it a real shakedown this weekend.


lk said...

Woot! I am out of town and not back till late next week. If you want to send in-game mail to Navthalion, I told him to expect Thongor back. He can put you in the Windriders again. Also sign up at

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I couldn't get the Thongor account back, possibly because I was using it during the trial period, so I started another character. Probably won't play much until you get back. Just wandering around killing things at the moment.