Sunday, February 10, 2008

I had lunch at McDonald's today. I can't remember when the last time I actually ate at the Golden Arches was. Before I moved to Kennesaw, so at least three years. Not sure what made me decide to stop there today. I was over on Old Roswell Road at the Marietta Booknook and as I was leaving the book store I was hungry and in a moment of nostalgia just decided to pull into McDonald's. I ordered my childhood favorite, a big Mac and fries. Tasted about the same as I remembered it tasting the last time I had it, which of course is not the way it tasted when I was just a kid because back then they cooked the fries in real grease. Anyway, I can recall when I was small that going to McDonald's was a major treat. For some reason we always seemed to eat in the car, my brother and I kneeling backwards on the back seat so we could use the space under the rear window as a table. Most cars these days don't have enough space that even a child could do that now, come to think of it.
Waffle House and McDonald's on the same day. I think I can hear my arteries hardening...

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