Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reading Report

Started the weekend off by reading a bunch of essays by Will Murray from the backs of several Doc Savage Omnibuses and other sources. I haven't talked much about The Man of Bronze or his primary writer Lester Dent, but I can feel an essay coming on. Then I went right into Robert E. Howard's The Shadow of the Vulture, the single tale featuring Red Sonya of Rogatino, the character that inspired Marvel Comics writer Roy Thomas to create the far more well know Red Sonja. That of course partially inspired this mornings Red Sonja vignette.
Then I jumped to Gordon R. Dickson's Jamie the Red, a minor fantasy novel from 1983. I came to this one kind of by accident, having read a story by Poul Anderson a while back that teamed his hero Cappen Varra with Jamie. I had enjoyed that story and wondered how Dickson's book would be so when I came across it, I bought it. Currently reading Matthew Polly's memoir, American Shaolin, which chronicles Polly's time at the Shaolin Temple in China, where he studied kung fu with the monks. Pretty entertaining so far. As you may have surmised, I like a good memoir. Wish I could find more of them that actually interested me.

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