Monday, March 17, 2008

Cat Report

Considering that I haven't kept the cats since before Christmas, Bruce and Amelia have done pretty well so far. Amelia has been a little grumpy at being abandoned as usual, but she hasn't had any late night howling spells, so no real problems. There was a slight hiccup when Trish realized that due to haste she had failed to pack Bruce's toys or Amelia's hairball paste, both of which are pretty necessary since Amelia is a long haired cat and prone to hairballs and Bruce is still full of kitten energy and needs his toys, so Sunday morning I made a trip down to Trish's place to pick up the aforementioned items. Trish had boxed up the stuff so all I had to do was walk in and get it. Another crisis narrowly averted.
Bruce is still extremely interested in anything I am cooking or eating, but so far I have managed to keep him from diving into any of my meals. He almost got a face full of oatmeal this morning, making a lunge for the bowl while I was sipping coffee.
The most amusing incident so far was early yesterday morning. I went into the bathroom and noticed something in the corner behind one of the doors. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so it was blurry, but it seemed to be a small silver object with spines. I wondered if it was some sort of beetle so I went for a closer look. It was a helmet. Conan's helmet. Apparently during the night one of the cats had knocked the helmet off of my McFarlane Toys King Conan statue and batted it around for a while. Said helmet is now safely in a drawer...

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