Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On the Horizon

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I'm having trouble finding books that will hold my attention. Did a little research to see what various authors I read have in the offing for summer and fall. July seems to be the big month with Robert Crais's new Elvis Cole novel, Perfect Night, hitting the shelves on July 1st. I'll be interested in seeing how Crais follows up the phenomenal The Watchman. July 3rd marks the publication of Resolution, the sequel to Robert B. Parker's western Appaloosa, which turned out to be one of my favorite Parker books. Looks like Parker's next Spenser novel is due sometime in October, but he's been so hit or miss with Spenser lately that I don't get as worked up about those as I used to. Nothing on the radar from Andrew Vachss.
Fantasy-wise things look bleak. No series I'm waiting on or authors I'm looking forward to. Just have to keep checking the bookstores for new writers I guess. There should be another volume of the short stories of Clark Ashton Smith fairly soon and the third and final volume of the Letters of Robert E. Howard is out there somewhere.
Not exactly a flood of books but at least a few to look forward to.


Jeri said...

Did you ever read the "Fire and Ice" novels by George R.R. Martin? I just borrowed them from Jan and they are complex and powerful - if you haven't tried them, that might be a good idea for your four-day-weekend!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I tried the first one but couldn't get into it. The pace at the beginning was a little slow. Been meaning to go back and try again.

Oh and your email is bouncing for some reason. I've tried twice to email you and thank you for the movie link and both times the mail has bounced. Not sure what's up.

Bentochan said...

Amazon preorders have gotten me pretty good. John Barrowman's Autobiography comes out in a month or so, and Stephanie Meyer has two new books this year.

Jeri said...

I've put Jan on it. We've migrated everything onto a new server and because we had a sh*tload of spam, he's put in place an anti-spam-engine that seems to block *everything*. Oh, Jan's mails get through. That's about it. *sigh* He's looking into it.

I'm just at the end of the first volume, btw, and things are only now really in place to take off. Martin obviously plans on a long ride. Just right for a long Easter weekend. ;)

So did you like the movie trailer?

PS: My word verification phrase is "nazguhs". Is someone a Tolkien fan? lol