Sunday, March 02, 2008

Savage Sword Volume 2

The second volume of Dark Horse Comics collected Savage Sword of Conan came out Wednesday night. It is perhaps even more nifty than volume one in that it contains half a dozen adaptations of actual Robert E. Howard Conan short stories, almost a third of the canon. These include The Slithering Shadow, The People of the Black Circle, and The Devil in Iron. Most of the art in this volume is by John Buscema and some of the best inkers to ever embellish his work. There's also a great two part story with art by Gil Kane and an adaptation of Howard's Shadows in Zamboula with art by Neal Adams and the crusty bunkers. There's sort of a sad story behind that story, since reportedly Adams wanted to pencil and ink the entire thing himself, but when the deadlines loomed, the powers at be at Marvel handed out the unfinished pages to a group of inkers. It's unfortunate because the pages and panels that Adams completed solo are just beautiful. But back in the day, a monthly comic had to appear on time, and Neal Adams has long been known as one of the slowest artists out there. (Though according to some, it's not really that he's so slow but rather that he just keeps drawing everything over and over.)
Anyway, it's a great package and one that Conan fans should love. There was some great stuff done in Savage Sword and I'm glad that Dark Horse is making it available for a new generation of readers. It also keeps me from having to dig through all those magazines...

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