Monday, April 21, 2008

Casting Your Bread

So Saturday I was playing Lord of the Rings Online and I encountered another player who was having trouble with some quests. We teamed up and both of us were able to complete a bunch of quests that neither of us could have finished solo. He was a Lore Master which is one of the magic users in the game, and I am a Champion, which is basically a killing machine. The problem I have been having with the Champion class though is while they deal a massive amount of damage, they can't block or evade while they're in full out killing mode, so my health level kept dropping dangerously low as we fought wave after wave of monsters. Good armor is an answer to this problem but I haven't made enough cash in the game to buy much in the way of heavy armor. We still had a great time and we finished up and each went offline. Didn't think much more about it.
Next day I checked my in-game mailbox only to find that my new found friend had had one of his friends send me a complete suit of steel armor, far better than anything I could purchase right now. Made a LOT or difference, let me tell you. I continue to be amazed at the thoughtfulness, generosity and helpfulness of a lot of the folks playing this game.


lk said...

Nice. Lotro has seemed to attract a more enjoyable player base than many mmrpgs. Be sure to put the guy in your friends list!

Brett Brooks said...

It's amazing how many times you can find that sort of thing in an online game. Playing WoW you tend to run into a LOT of...unhelpful?...sorts, but there are those occasional jewels that shine out. Just the other day someone gave me a HUGE amount of gold to buy my epic flying mount. Congrats on the armor!! :)