Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charles's Chicken Ranch Wrap

And with low fat eating in mind, here's a brand new recipe of my own creation, based on a dish I had at Taco Mac. You'll need:

2 7" low carb/low fat tortillas
1 Package Perdue Chicken Strips
1 Package Uncle Ben's Spanish Rice (Microwavable)
Shredded lettuce
Chopped Onions
Kraft 2% Milk 4 Cheese Mexican Cheese
Kraft Free Fat Free Ranch salad dressing.

Here's what you do. Nuke the Spanish Rice. Takes 90 seconds. Then set it aside. This is a cold dish, so don't worry if it cools. Warm the two tortillas either by nuking or in a pan, just to soften them up. Takes about 30 seconds in the microwave oven.
Place chicken strips on the tortillas, then add rice, lettuce, and onions. (Portions are up to you. I used about a quarter of the pack of rice per tortilla and a quarter of the package of chicken. So a full recipe would make four servings. I only made two and put the rest in the refrigerator.)
Sprinkle in cheese, then add enough Ranch dressing to moisten mixture. Remember, the dressing is fat free, not calorie free so don't get carried away.
Now roll up your wraps and go eat them while you watch television. Each wrap has about 300 calories and virtually no fat. If you wanted them hot, you could grill the chicken strips yourself, but it works well as a summertime cold dish.

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