Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back On Track

Well, after three weeks of being back on the eating for weight loss plan, I've dropped back to the notch in my belt that I'd outgrown, so stage one is done. Comfortably back in the pants size I worked so hard to get to. Now to try and drop another size. The addition of the low carb tortillas to my arsenal has been amazingly helpful since it basically allows me to make sandwich type meals. Roast beef wraps. Tuna wraps. Turkey bacon wraps. All tasty, all high in protein and low in fat, carbs, and calories.
I've been experimenting with sauces for the low fat/low carb spaghetti too. I've tried ground turkey, turkey sausage, and various mixes of vegetables in sauces so far. (I could make vegetarian spaghetti no problem, Beth.)
Basically weight loss isn't much of a problem if you can find enough tasty stuff to eat. If you have to deny yourself everything, you'll eventually fall off the wagon. When people ask how I lost so much weight now, I tell them to find things they actually like to eat that fit their dietary needs. All the stuff I'm eating now is stuff I'd eat even if I wasn't trying to shed a few pounds. Really helps with the maintenance too. It took me six months to lose 50 pounds and I only regained about 8 of those pounds in the next six months, and most of that was just eating out a few too many times.
The other thing is to eat a lot of small meals. That really does seem to help. I had organic raisin bran for breakfast. I'll have a power bar about 9:00. Some fat free yogurt and some fruit about 11:00. Maybe a pear around 2:00. I'll have dinner at 5:30. Thinking that may be an omelet and turkey sausage. Then some fat free pudding at 8:00 or so. That will be between 1200 and 1400 calories for the day which is the range I shoot for. Never less than 1200 and never more than 1400. One meal a week I eat anything I want. That's usually two slices of pizza at Mellow Mushroom on Mondays. The scary thing is, that's almost over my daily calorie limit right there. Pizza with pepperoni is about 600 calories A SLICE. Yikes.
What all of this does is allow me to lose about 2 pounds a week, which is a safe, steady rate. I could lose it faster, but probably not in as healthy a fashion.

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