Friday, May 16, 2008

Got My Number

So I was exploring a bit in Lord of the Rings Online, just crossing some areas on the map where I hadn't been and I came across this fortress occupied by a bunch of bad guys, but they were all fairly low level, so low that they didn't aggro at all when I walked by. (For you non gamers, that means that they didn't immediately attack me when I got within 10 virtual feet of them.)
I happened to be chatting with some folks on the OOC (out of character) channel and I said, "Any of you ever wander into an area that you obviously should have visited earlier in the game?"
One of the other players said, "Yeah, you probably just missed a quest somewhere."
Another said, "That's happened to me several times."
I said, "Oh well, might as well kill everyone while I'm here."
There was a long pause, then the first player said, "I think you should be playing Age of Conan."

Heh heh. Yeah.

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