Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Weekend Report

I spent most of the long weekend the way I had intended, which was just goofing off and relaxing. I read a lot. I watched some DVDs. I went book shopping. I had some pizza. I visited with Bruce and Amelia. I tried very hard not to do anything constructive, though I did have to do some laundry and straighten the apartment up a bit. Overall it was a nice weekend.
One of the things I did was to begin reading my way through the four volume Jack Kirby's Fourth World series. I've mentioned the books before, but basically this was DC Comics taking all of the stories Jack did for New Gods, Mr. Miracle, Jimmy Olsen, and The Forever People and compiling them in chronological order. It had been a couple of decades since I had read most of these comics and I'd never read them in the order Jack had intended. I got through volumes one, two, and three over the four day weekend. More about that later.
I made a couple of nice finds at the used bookstores. Got Heroic Fantasy, a 70s anthology of sword & sorcery compiled by a couple of local SF/Fantasy buffs, Gerald W. Page and the late Hank Reinhardt. More about that later too. Also found a nice copy of The Fantastic Swordsmen, a 1967 sword & sorcery anthology edited by L. Sprague de Camp. I already had a copy but this one was in much better shape. Ah, the collector's mind.
I watched Cloverfield but I already talked about that.
I played Lord of the Rings Online a good bit. I'm at level 33 now and closing on 34. The higher you get, the harder it becomes to level up. I did get some new armor and some slightly more powerful weapons.
I had a nice, leisurely breakfast at the Three Bears Cafe on the Marietta Square Sunday morning.
I started reading Forever Odd, the second of Dean Koontz's books about Odd Thomas, the fry cook who can see the recently deceased. Within the first twenty pages I was once again caught up in Odd's world. The ghost of a local cardiologist appears in Odd's bedroom. He's just been savagely murdered and his son, a childhood friend of Odd's, has been kidnapped. Odd hurries to the site of the murder just in time to almost become a victim himself. Soon, Odd is on the trail with the help of the town police chief and the restless spirit of Elvis Presley. I read about a quarter of the book at a sitting. Go Dean.
I also read several short stories by Manly Wade Wellman, and yes, more about that later as well. Apparently the weekend was good for accumulating subjects for blog posts...

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