Sunday, May 18, 2008

Truth in Advertising...

I found a copy of John Jakes's humorous fantasy novel, Mention My Name in Atlantis with a different cover than the copy I already owned. I almost laughed out loud there in the used bookstore because I knew immediately why the second cover had been done and for that matter when. See, up until the mid 1970s, Jakes was best known as an author of science fiction and fantasy and as the creator of Brak the Barbarian. That all changed with the publication of Jakes's Bicentennial series, The Kent Family Chronicles. You know the ones. The Bastard, The Rebels, The Seekers etc. Look closely at the covers for The Seekers and the new Mention My Name in Atlantis. Think the marketing folks at DAW were hoping some rabid Jakes fans might shell out the bucks for Atlantis, thinking it somehow connected to the Kent series?

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