Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Strange Morning

Normally I'm at my desk at my job by 6:00 am. But today I'm attending a CPR class at the request of my employers because I'm "Always calm under pressure." The class doesn't start until 8:30 and they told me just to go straight to the class which is maybe 15 minutes away, so here I am at home, off from work, but not off from responsibility. I'm not much for sleeping late, but I managed to doze until almost 6:00. Then I got up and made myself an omelet and some sausage. I'm lingering over a second cup of coffee just now and writing this post. In a few minutes I'll go jump in the shower and get ready to go.
But it's kind of strange to be here at this time of morning on a Wednesday without actually having the whole day off. Can't really start any projects or do any of the things I do when I'm off, so I'm just bumping around the internet. Been many years since I had a CPR class. Back when I was teaching karate I took several first aid classes including CPR. I understand that the techniques have changed somewhat. Should be interesting.

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