Monday, July 28, 2008

Chasing Darkness

I wondered how Robert Crais was going to top last years novel The Watchman. Basically and perhaps wisely he didn't even try. Where Watchman was a high octane thriller, Crais's new novel Chasing Darkness is an intricately plotted mystery with very little action. And where Joe Pike took center stage in Watchman, Chasing Darkness is Elvis Cole's show all the way. Pike is on the fringes of the plot for the majority of the book.
In Chasing Darkness, Elvis Cole, the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Detective, is faced with the chilling possibility that a man he helped clear of a murder several years back may have actually been guilty, and worse, may have been a serial killer who has killed two more victims since Cole helped him beat the murder rap.
Needless to say, Cole goes into hyper investigation mode, digging up all the dirt he can find and managing, as usual, to annoy the hell out of the LAPD, who threaten to shut him down. Seems somebody high up in the Los Angeles political scene may have his own reasons for wanting the closed case to stay closed. Not on Cole's watch.
I enjoyed the book, though I was a little disappointed that Pike wasn't on stage more, but I guess Crais felt it was time to turn the focus back onto his series' original protagonist. Chasing Darkness is a well plotted mystery with some nice twists. Not in a class with The Watchman, but a decent read none the less.

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