Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Little Pony

Well he's not actually a pony. He's a horse. I bought him yesterday from a horse farm north of Bree. You can get a horse once you pass level 35 in Lord of the Rings Online, but I'd avoided buying one so far because A. They're fairly expensive, and B. I didn't really have much use for one. The main advantage to a horse in Middle Earth is that you can travel twice as fast, and I really didn't mind just running everywhere.
However I have recently been playing with some larger groups of players and they all have horses, so every time we had to cover some distance, everyone had to wait for me to get to our destination since I was on foot. Not wishing to hold folks up, I decided to buy a horse. Of course that meant I needed 4 gold and 220 silver or 4220 silver, which I explained in my previous post, I have to earn by killing things. Thus my last couple of days of Orc Farming.
However I got the job done, and now I can keep up with my teammates. I wanted a white horse like the Lone Ranger's horse Silver, but the closest I could get was this blond model. I'm thinking of calling him Bronze, or maybe Sparkplug after Barney Google's horse.


Jeri said...

Xena's horse looked like that and she called her Argo. Just from one superhero to the other. ;)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

You're right, Jeri. Argo it is.