Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And More Reading

Finished up The Whiskers of Hercules and the villains had indeed come up with a potion that would give someone superhuman speed and strength, but at the cost of aging them very rapidly. I've seen that plot many times but in 1944 it was doubtless still pretty fresh. As I noted below it's just fun to hang out with Doc Savage and his gang. I discovered Doc about 1975, way back before I had any clue what a pulp magazine was. Ended up reading about 70 of the bantam paperbacks almost back to back. These days I have to be in the proper mood to read a Doc Savage novel, but I still enjoy them. The recent reprints from Anthony Tollin have wonderful covers reprinted from the original pulps and they usually have a wealth of information, articles, and pictures in between the stories. A lot of bookstores are carrying the new Docs as well as Tollin's Shadow reprints. Worth tracking down.
Next I switched to a re-read of Michael Moorcock's The Silver Warriors. This is one of my top five Moorcock books. (I need to make a list of those for Julie come to think of it.) It's actually in the top two, the other being The Warhound and the World's Pain which is just an amazing book. Sword & Sorcery maven that I am, I guess it's surprising that neither of my favorite two books by Mike are Elric books, but there ya go. A couple of Elrics would definitely make it into the top five.

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