Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Game Report

I reached level 49 out of 50 in Lord of the Rings Online on Monday. Didn't have time to play much yesterday so I'm still holding there. In some ways the pressure to level up is off because I can't go any higher than 50. At least not today. Rumor has it that the game developers are considering bumping the class levels up to 60. They're also supposed to be adding a couple of new classes. That's Kharrn's new armor in the pic below by the way. One of my fellow Windriders of Rohan made that for him. I like the chest plate. Has a real samurai kind of look to it with the overlapping plates. So anyway, now I'm coasting to level 50. Don't worry, there's still plenty of game content for a level 50 Champion (barbarian.) I've also started a new character, this one a Guardian (barbarian) class. I named him Kellax after the hero of my recent short story. Guardians can't do quite as much damage as Champions but they can take a lot more punishment so it's a trade off. You can't kill enemies quite as quickly but you become much harder to kill. Kellax is barely out of the gate at level 4. Funny to have a character that low level again after spending the last couple of months in the high levels.

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