Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ugly Truth

I think I mentioned last summer that one of the few problems I'd had with my apartment complex was that people were disregarding the pool hours and were often out in the pool at 2:00 am or so despite the fact that the pool closes at 11:00 pm. Kind of annoying on week nights since my apt is very close to the pool.
So this summer things have been much quieter and I figured I just had a much nicer group of neighbors this year.
Today I cut across the pool area on my way to the leasing office instead of going around the outside of the building like I usually do and there was one of the maintenance guys taking a PADLOCK off the gate of the 7ft iron fence that surrounds the pool. Turns out they've been padlocking the gate every night at 11:00 all summer. And all this time I've been giving the benefit to the benevolence of my fellow man...

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