Friday, August 01, 2008

A Writing Experiment

I haven't been writing much fiction lately. I'm not blocked. Blocked is when you get panic attacks approaching the keyboard. I've been there. Lately I just seem disinterested. I've had my usual lot of false starts and fragments but eventually some of the fragments usually turn into stories and that hasn't been happening lately, so I am trying an experiment.
I have always been leery of outlines or synopses, preferring to just get a general idea and start writing. That hasn't been working lately so a few weeks back I wrote down synopses for half a dozen short stories. All particulars were there. Beginning, middle, and end plus characters, ideas for motivations and some possible story incidents. Then I put the synopses aside for a while, my plan being to come back and pick one and then write the story.
I have picked one and written the first couple of thousand words. Seems to be working at the moment. I'm not finding myself constrained by the synopsis as has been the case in the past and it is kind of nice to know where I'm going. I plan to finish this one, regardless of quality. I'd just like to have a finished story behind me again. So I'm ignoring the internal editor as he tells me the first bit could be better. When I'm done, I'll edit. Or not.
It's sword and sorcery and it has a tower in it. It features my fallen aristocrat turned sword for hire Kellax Ara Kaeth because Laura mentioned she'd like to see an actual completed adventure featuring Kellax since she's seen so many fragments. His barbarian pal Targo isn't in this one though. Decided to try a little S&S without a Conan stand in.
So anyway, I'm once again wrestling with fiction. Wish me luck.

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