Thursday, August 07, 2008

Writing Report

Well I estimate I'm about a quarter of the way through my short story. The working title is now The Dweller in the Tower, an obvious homage to both Lovecraft and REH. That could change. I hit one bad spot where I had the usual doubts. Plot didn't seem to be moving fast enough. Dialog sounded clunky. I put the story aside for a couple of days, then came back and read the manuscript and the solution to those problems just jumped out at me. I deleted a couple of paragraphs, added a couple, and moved one and all of that put me back on track. Still following my synopsis, though I've strayed a little, which is fine. I'm seeing a more Moorcockian influence on the basic structure of this one as it goes. I'll explain that later.
As usual, I'm struggling with the third person POV a bit, but this story needs to be told that way so I'm soldiering on.

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