Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bridge Work

A decade or so ago, when I was fighting in a karate tournament, a guy hit me in the mouth with his elbow, which was an illegal move in that sort of tournament. I responded by kicking him in the stomach and then knocking him cold, which was also illegal but seemed like a reasonable response at the time. We were both disqualified. I remember feeling a sort of pop when I got hit, but what I didn't know was that the shot had cracked one of my upper teeth under the gum line. Not sure how my dentist missed it next time I was X-rayed but there ya go. Anyway, a couple of years later the tooth broke because decay had gotten into the crack. I never felt any pain and my next dentist theorized that the nerves had calcified, and therefore it never hurt.
Anyway, I ended up getting a permanent bridge in that spot almost nine years ago. Today my current dentist told me that I needed to have the bridge replaced because it has shifted slightly in my jaw and could lead to problems down the road. I like my dentist and respect his professional opinion so I set up the appointment to get started next week. My dental insurance at work is so-so and will only cover half the cost, so it will still set me back about a grand. Couple of years back that would have been a problem, but having been debt free for over a year now, I have the cash, so no big deal. Obviously I would have liked to have spent it on something more entertaining, but hey, welcome to the real world. Still wish I could find the guy who elbowed me though. I figure he owes me some money...

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Bentochan said...

Owwww! My teeth hurt in sympathy!